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Hi, my name is Nick Woodings, I am 16 years old and I am a cold water surfer from the North East coast from a town called Saltburn by the Sea. I have been surfing since I was 12 years of age. I currently ride my local shaper’s boards called Visionary Surfboards that are based in Saltburn. 
I have traveled abroad on Surf trips however, my favorite UK break is a left hand local secret spot which I am afraid I cannot tell you a lot about other than it is sick :p. I love Thurso East as I am regular footed and the way it just reals and barrels also giving you a nice wall to lay turns on. I also like other breaks around the north coast of Scotland. 
My favorite international surfers are, Mick Fanning, Clay Marzo and Jordy Smith. If there was one in particular it would be Clay Marzo because of his history and his crazy ability to make anything you could imagine on a wave. 
My ambition is to travel and compete more often. I am planning on signing up for the UK pro tour in the near future.  I am also planning a few trips at the end of the summer to France with some good mates. 
I have competed in my local competitions along the coast, coming 1st in the Saltburn under 16s. I also came 4th in the Scarborough K10 Bay under 16s comp.