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I’m from Jersey, Channel Islands . I’m 15 and I go to Les Quennevais School My ambitions are to have some kind of job in sport, but I’d also like to keep free surfing and competing for as long as I can.My favourite surfer from Jersey is Renny Gould and my favourite surfer abroad is Dane Reynolds or Taj Burrow. Here’s a few pics from competing at home last weekend
Competition results from this year so far: 
•    2nd in the U18 Elusive/Soundwave Surfabout,
•     2nd in the U16 Laneez Surf Series 1
•    2nd in the U18 Madhatter Longboard round 1
•    1st in the U18 Laneez Longboard round 2
    (I am also competing in many contests away so I will keep you posted)