So my names Olly Fawcett, I’ve been around for 16 years now and have lived all over the UK. I was born in London and lived in Chelsea for my first few years, then moved out to the country where I lived in Oxfordshire until I was 10. It was in 2007 that my mum met her soon-to-be boyfriend, Photograher Steven Winter. He showed me the ropes and taught me the basics of photography. I started out with a £50 olympus camera, and developed my eye for photography in the British countryside.

I then moved down to Cornwall and lived in Launceston for a year. It was during this year that my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I dropped photography completely during this time. She is an artist, and with a serious illness and generally being fed up of being so far from the beach, I moved to Rock where I currently live. Luckily, and down to hard health work, my mum made it through the cancer and carried on pushing me to be an active photographer. Being in Rock and being so close to Polzeath Beach, a load of lesser known spots around here, and Constantine/Harlyn etc, I began to surf more regularly and became mates with a lot of the local boys who had grown up around here. They showed me some of the sick secret spots where most of my videos have been filmed.

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I am in Truro School Year 11 at the moment and have almost finished my GCSE’s. Balancing schoolwork with film-making/editing/photography and surfing has not been easy, and as a result my schoolwork deteriorated fast. But I haven’t ever been worried because the way I look at it, a passion is far more than a career and I am very confident that I can shape my life around being behind the lens In September I will start at Truro College and I hope to become a professional extreme-sports film-maker and/or photographer. Most of my short films have featured either Sam Gill or Harvey Tregidgo, or both. Harvey has surfed since he could walk and competed heavily as a teenager, he now works for a sustainable energy company and is in his early 20’s.  Sam is a local schoolteacher in his 30’s and is part of the slightly older generation of surfers around here, but he absolutely rips and I always love filming them both. In the future I plan to produce some content with young surfer Liam Murray-Strout. Throughout the winter I surf almost every day and film as often as I can, weather and unpredictable surfers permitting. Through the summer, i work in TJ’s Surf Shop on Polzeath Beach. I am a social media addict and spend a lot of time gaining ideas from professional filmmakers around the world, my favourites being Jason Blanchard, main filmer for Dane Reynolds, and Kai Neville, with his incomprehensible talent for finding new ideas.