Olly Fawcett films Liam Murray Strout.

“I’ve known Liam for a few years now, with his local spot (Polzeath) also being mine. Its been around 6 months since I first said to him that we should make a video, and the busy life of a 14-year-old pro surfer has prevented us from actually getting on with it. Luckily, when we did come round to making a video, although the film doesn’t really show it, the waves were seriously good. Liam and Harvey reckon these were the best waves they have ever surfed in the UK. A big claim but probably accurate; when I managed to get in for an hour afterwards it was pretty amazing.
So, here’s what Liam did in an hour of surfing good waves. Look forward to future edits featuring Liam. Thankyou for watching.”