This was the scene at National Trusts Godrevy on Saturday take by Mike Newman when SouthWestWater released sewage into the lineup causing the RNLI to close the beach, a surf comp to be cancelled. Clearly a disgrace. Why the NT, Cornwall Council continue to allow this is beyond me. SWW made £213million in profit and levy the highest water bills in the UK. They continue to choose profit over environment, jump through EU regs hoops and politicians do nothing.

This was the scene at National Trusts Godrevy yesterday when SouthWestWater released sewage into the lineup causing the RNLI to close the beach, a surf comp to be cancelled. Clearly a disgrace. Why the NT, Cornwall Council continue to allow this is beyond me. SWW made £213million in profit and levy the highest water bills in the UK. They continue to choose profit over environment, jump through EU regs hoops and politicians do nothing.

We need change.

We need change.

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Colin Webber Bloody disgraceful. Refuse to pay your council tax. Simple. You vote them in make them represent you….
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Bradley Laidlaw Wouldn’t that give you the shits
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Adam Bezaz Wow
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Stuart Opposite Lock That’s fcuking outrageous!
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Nick Griffin ©unts!!
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Tina Beresford Was in the surf comp, water got browner and browner after 1pm. Water tasted awful! This shouldn’t happen in june after a bit of rain! After a flood I’d understand!!!
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Susan Pearce Disgusting. Council up your game. Take a few million pounds from SWW. NOW
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Matthew Kavanagh Does sww have a fb page? Post this on their see what they say
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CARVE Surfing Magazine why didn’t the RNLI lifeguards immediately shut he beach Tina Beresford Do you know?
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Dominique Tregale Terrible. !!!!!
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Tony Dove Too jus be chilln there
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Helen Hodgson Shocking
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Sam Oades That’s disgusting
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Craig Mackie wrong!
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Louise Lou Lou Trill Sort this out Cornwall!!!!
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Jack Longley Disgrace
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Dan Schofield Wtf? Thats discraceful.
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John Polkey When you make £213 Million profit I guess you can do what you want especially when there is naff all done when you do
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Marcus Wyn Jenkins Lucky we got out when we did – Lee Rambo Ramsden
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Chris Millard Cornwall council once again. Did anyone expect anything more from these corrupted councillors. ….
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Mark Whittington If you took a pee or worse in the street youd get arrested same rules should apply here this is criminal
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Kim Bushnell Fine SWW £213 million. Disgraceful.
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Raphael Basan Disgraceful.
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Aaron J Newport Shit!!
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Symon Stephens Disgusting!
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Richard Porter Devon, water meter, family of 3, SWW bill = £780 a year. That includes a £50 a year discount from the goverment and we are very caerfull not to waste any!
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Jen Turner Discusting, used to live in Cornwall and yeah remember the crippling water bills, they shouldn’t be getting away with this!
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Pete Bannerman-Roberts Holy crap batman. That stinks !!
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Stewart Lee That’s sad…..used to be like that here,luckily it all changed years ago.Fight the bastards!!
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John Lawler Absolutely disgustingly terrible…How is this legal?
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Lee Rambo Ramsden holy shit I was surfing there yesterday
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Alex Wilkinson Wankers
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Jenny Poppet From what I understood SWW should only discharge when there has been storms, and even then only run-off? As a member of a marine group, and a concerned individual, I’m just a tad fucked off that I pay £177 a quarter for 2 people, and my money couldn’t be better spent on preventing this from happening. We should start a campaign, or petition! The Environment Agency hold a list of all sewage pipes that are discharged from, worth a look for people wanting to not surf in turd juice.
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Patrick O’Reilly When water markets (or adequate property rights) don’t really exist (are prohibited), you get this. Clumsy wastewater mis/management, and some rent-seeking (via councils). Woops.
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Vickey Bridger How r they or anyone able to get away with this? Im so cross about this. No need for it with all the technology and eco friendly ways to get ride of it. Oh na sod it, dump it in the sea!!!!!! What does this do for the surf and the tourism for this area!!!!!!!
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Marije Bijl Oh, someone up high in that company got a friend or two over at the local government… Thats how it is still legal..
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Steve Watters Disgusting!
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Sandie Banks People were in that and they didn’t shut the beach immediately? That’s revolting
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Phil Cook Pricks
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Neil Morris Outrageous. How can this be allowed?!
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Sarah Stark Wow!! This is totally barbaric in this day, why can’t they be fined !!
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Jenny Poppet Hope you don’t mind me nabbing this picture so I can send them some semi-abusive words? The pic backs my argument up nicely!
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Meshach Argall i doubt if they even go to the beach to see the affect it is having… arrogant bastards wake up !
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Joe Darch Disgusting
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Stephen Hickman Big companies only care about profit. Disgraceful!
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Kiks Sheppard Appalling
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Darren Smith So wrong!!!!
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Pete Bilbie Discraseful behaviour, how would they like if if some came and dumped Shiite in their cosy corporate offices
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Amy Hamilton The irony being that our water bills are supposedly higher due to covering the costs of keeping our beaches clean… Yikes, that is gross.
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Thorgrimm Wodensson Seeing as sww can’t legally cut you off your water supply maybe cancelling your dd would hit them in the pocket
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Aoife Mul Beyond words
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Michele Harris Ssw need to sort their s**t out!!…..literally!!!!!! Disgusting
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Michael Dij Keenan Byrne Criminals naturally seem to migrate to areas where there is no accountability; it’s elementary.
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Matthew Harvey Absolute disgrace
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Stephen Myers What an absolute disgrace…these people really don’t care about the environment
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Laurence Gildersleve Is there not a regulator for this sort of thing?
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Sandie Banks Just commented on National Trust page. I don’t think SWW has a page. I cNt believe they did it and left people in the water. Gross.
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Francis Hanley Disgusting corporation without adequate regulation.
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Matt Clare Harper Tell me about it!
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Shaun Christie O’Sullivan We should all write to our bloody useless MPs mind you he’s just another rich farmer in Westminster and obviously uninterested in where he lives or the plebs who live here!
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Jenny Poppet They’re on twitter, @southwestwater, I’m tweeting them about it, maybe everyone should! At least they’d know they’d pissed off locals
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Nick Peris Pigs. Sue them.
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Sandie Banks NT have come back immediately with this
Sandie Banks’s photo.
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Rich Livock Jeez!
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Vicki Bentley Thats truly disgusting!
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Ben Byfield Perranporth has been bad too. It was so gross on Thursday you could actually smell it in the water. If everyone likes and shares hopefully the media “shit storm” (pun intended) will make them realise its not going unnoticed. Write to your parish council, Cornwall Council and your MP too.
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Gail CoatCheck Hastings Same thing happens at Teignmouth, it really is disgusting.
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Ben Byfield Email Cornwall Council here:
mailto:[email protected]
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Clive Pope Share this post with everyone you know, and put Shame on NT, SWW & CCC. It must stop!!!
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Stephanie Mann Disgusting behaviour!
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Charlotte Petford Rich McGill lucky we did head there for a surf yesterday…
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Ben Byfield Contact Gwithian Parish Council here:

Contact Us

According to their website, they have a parish meeting on 14th July. You could ask for it to be an Agenda item.
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Sandie Banks I think the MP for that area is on Twitter and is @AndrewGeorgeLD
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Shauna Ellis Totally need change. That disgusting.
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Paul Monnington Thanks for posting this. Pic of the slick on my fb wall is also doing the rounds.
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Richard Grant Thought this problem was solved years ago.
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Tina Fletcher That’s awful. Such a lovely place and home for lots of seals. It’s a disgrace
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Alex Rennick We where ok at poldhu luckily, this is awful
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Tom Baker Beyond words.
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Alex Rennick #southwestwater
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Anna Yould Awful I have shared it! Name and shame SWW !!
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Chelle Galloway Where is this Jon Goodman ?
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Lisa Glass Unbelievable. Total disgrace.
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Jenny Poppet Cornwall council are on Facebook, post to their page – at least then others can see!
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Phil Parker Disgusting robbing bastards !!!
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Paul Fletcher What a disgrace!!
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Karen Jones Absolutely disgusting, thought The National Trust was protecting our environment
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Marc Dickson Alex Hooper enjoy your surf bud
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Jill Bingham Ugh!
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Daniel Burgess Sometimes I get involved with working for them and sadly this happens an awful lot more than we care to realise. Sww should be investigated on all fronts from safety to chemicals use and from rates to sewage outfalls they are pathetic, completely incompetent and without conscience!
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Matt Pooley Sort it out!!!
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Steve Jacovou What??? This shit has to stop!
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Jenny Poppet Can anyone tag surfers against sewage??
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Chris Day-Kerry Surfers Against Sewage
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Chris Day-Kerry Greenpeace UK
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Kyle Hart Fuuu*k
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Steve Dearson Absolutely hacks me off…..just been off work for a week due to catching infection from the sea off north devon….looking at that it’s no wonder why!!!
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Beth Williams Ferry Woop
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Alan Hole Bunch of cunts !!
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Zoe Michelle Long Wtf?? How is this even legal??
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Marcus Wyn Jenkins Mo Mcphail
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Daniel Ronan Filthy get it sorted
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David Major Jetson Surfboards
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Valerie Mainwaring That’s Cornwall Council for you. I don’t think there’s one person in Cornwall that thinks they are any good. Bunch of idiots.
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Toni Wright That’s disgusting
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Lolene Osborn Sad
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Dean Sampson Shortsighted corporate greed, without any conscience for their actions.
Another disgraceful act by SW Water.
Change starts with a first action, get a grip SW water!
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Carl Lawman WTF
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Longboard Tom Disgraceful!! Make them swim in it and see how they like it. Selfish bastards….
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Claire Mills Disgraceful!!! No need for it this day & age!
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Chris Sargent Ffs! Disgusting
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Kate Hele Shocked that this is still allowed to happen!!
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Adrian Core Absolutely disgraceful
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Carol O Hanlon Burnett Absolutely disgusting! Business owners and residents pay extortionate water rates & they do this! Should they not be fined by the EnvironmentL Protection Agency?
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Paul Childs Who said the surf was shit yesterday!
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Joe Tenbeth Fucking disgusting behaviour
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Sarah Phillips Complete disgrace
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Ben Browning Unbelievable…..
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Paul Childs Can remember when the red river (tin stream) used to run out there making the sea red.
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Lisa Rowe-Boniwell Disgusted I have to pay these idiots!!!!!!
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Craig Marshall-Western That’s disgusting!! And there is no accuses .. Profit or no profit … Find the fat cat director who has sanctioned this.. Dump the same waste! Into his/her swimming pool.. And maybe bath tub. Maybe then they will rethink there actions.
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Richard Skutela I always thought surfing was shit
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Zac Ogle Preston Taylor
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Daniel Fulford simple solution everybody I mean everybody stop paying ypur bills that will fuck them tge whole uk goez back in time to move forward
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Matt Hammersley Disgusting this still goes on!! Share the hell out of it on FB and twitter! Lets get this going viral before someone catches something viral from it!!!!
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Richard Herron Sadly they are an absolute disgrace. They use the excuse that there are peak seasonal flows which they cannot predict…, they have been a private commercial company since 1993…, it’s quite easy to predict and design using WASSP and WALLRUS programs. You just have to spend money on hiring engineers and surveyors to do it!!!

They continue to underinvest by 60% (the other water companies by about 40%) annually in infrastructure development, both capital and strategic, annually to feed shareholders’ pockets.

The trouble is that the water industry should never be in the hands of a corporation. They are civil engineering custodians of a Public Health necessity, not a profit mill.

Imagine if this happened in Greece or Spain… Tourists would not go there. Well that’s exactly what is happening in the UK.

This was probably an aged and exhausted piece of unmaintained plant or an automatic valve which failed. There is no maintenance schedule, There is no fail safe reserve backup plan. If it fails…. It fails.
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Bob Lovelace This is quite despicable and reflects a complete disrespect for the environment and those who choose to enjoy the ocean….