It’s a fact of life that everything is getting more visual. More photos are being taken by more people every day. Hell, you might even have a ‘look’ … a special photo face and/or stance you bust out when people are snapping. Admittedly this becomes painfully obvious when every single shot of you on Instagram features the exact same expression. But. I digress. Some people, pro surfers in particular, sometimes have to have their picture taken not doing surfboard riding. They generally hate it with a passion as they’d rather be in the brine riding some ocean going rollers. Which, if nothing else, makes for some good out takes when people are goofing around. In honour of this we thought we’d do a quick guide to some handy looks, poses and stances that guarantee photo gold whether you’re a pro surfer or regular Joe alike. Read on and learn the secrets young padawan…


The Taking Photos Of Stuff. A modern classic, now that everyone is a ‘maker’ or ‘artist’. Grab an old camera, doesn’t even need to work, and get shots of yourself looking bohemian and arty. A beard adds points. But not if you’re a lady. Unless you’re that Austrian dude. (Model: Yannick De Jager)
The Hell Yeah I Got Soup! Not a look needed that often to be fair but Fergal Smith has it on lock. Tom DH is busting out the classic Looking Into The Distance.
The Visual Allegory For Brain Operations is not a look you will need to master hopefully. Gwen Spurlock unfortunately did. She’s alright now thankfully. Stunt drill holding by Beth Mason.
The Ministry of Silly Walks. Timeless and works at any location in the world. Be it beach or urban. Alan Stokes uncorks a beauty.
The Lunge. Can’t beat a good lunge. Alan is also throwing in a pretty mean pout. Which is all the rage on Instagram for some reason.
The Use Whatever Shite You Can Find For Props. Yes. That is a minging sheep skull on Stu Campbell’s head. But he’s a pro.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (43)_Snapseed
The Stoic Look In To The Distance. Often mistaken on shoots for ‘kinell I’m bored … can we go yet?’
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (52)_Snapseed
The Explorer. Is a hybrid look that’s half Lunge and half Stoic Look In To The Distance. Sam Lamiroy is the master.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (53)_Snapseed
The Woah! Lichen! is for those more earthy, natural kinda shoots where you want to be at one with nature. Micah Lester models here.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (60)_Snapseed
The Pocket Billiards is for when shoots are dragging on just that bit too long.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (72)_Snapseed
The Player Player! apt at any time. Especially in remote Scottish island lobster pots storage areas.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (73)_Snapseed
The I’m On The Phone is an unavoidable modern classic.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (131)_Snapseed
Wind? What Wind? I’m Just Smooth As Hell. Stu Campbell can do this like no other human.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (273)_Snapseed
The What The Hell Was That? Jeeeeez It Stinks! is not something you need on a shoot.
03.11.Hebrides.Sharpy (276)_Snapseed
If you’re after gritty and urban then you need youth like Angus Scotney and Rhys Barfield and their cutting edge Oi! Where’s The Chips!
Seeing as the world is sports mad at the moment we’d be remiss in missing out on the Usain Bolt as performed by Liam Murray Strout.
Of course lifestyle shots of people getting ready to actually surf add some authenticity to your shoot. The age old Can’t Get The Flipping Leash String In! is a winner.
And we finish with the goddesses that are Gracie Davies and Sophie Hellyer with the all time nautical classic I’m On A Boat!

All photos/captions by Roger Sharp.