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So you’ve seen the coolest surf pic on the Internet today going viral. Over 100,000 people had seen it on the last count with 5,400 likes and 647 shares on the Carve FB page. If you hadn’t seen them, they are above! So what’s the story? Well we asked the poster/photog Morocan surfer Adil Satyr what was happening.

Adil: We have an association of surfing here at Skhirat beach (Association de surf Skhirat Plage ), a small beach town south of Rabat, providing surf lessons and other watersports. We and another association located in Casablanca called Bahri (“my beach”) who are focused on cleaning the Moroccan beaches and spread the awareness of keeping our beaches clean decided to organise a beach cleaning at the local spot and we called out all the associations taking care of the orphaned and disabled children in the area.

It was a big event, children and volunteers cleaned the local beach and the port too, and we organised some beach games for the kids who had a great time playing beach volley, football and dancing on music with the clown, but the best part was when we offered free surfing lessons for those orphaned kids who enjoyed and liked standing up on a surfboard. Even some of them who are mentally disabled had an amazing time and were screaming out of joy and stoke. They had the biggest smile ever which made us more motivated and happy like ever before.”

Good work Moroccan fellas!