1. Trying to get your head around the forecasts and charts and what works when will take you a lifetime. Nowhere is more maddening. Or more rewarding when you suss it. Just ask Micah.
2. People and signs are refreshingly honest and direct…
3. The local wildlife are friendly.
4. Some spots you can check the surf from the warm confines of your van…
5. Going for the ‘dawny’ can mean getting up at 8 a.m.
6. Rewards await those with exploratory nature.
7. Thurso. World class. Fact. Deadly inconsistent but on its day…
8. The water colours will blow your mind.
9. It’ll take your surfing to the next level. (This is local surfer Dom btw)
10. Pioneering renewables on land and at sea…
11. Pubs are pubs. Good beer, good food, good banter.
12. The barrels will make you happy.

13. Like seriously happy…