“Last year, during my trip to Chile, I suddenly decided to head to California. I’ve always wanted to go back there since I did a contest there ages ago. Back then I was a kid and never had a chance to check the place out properly. I also met a great guy called Stafford during my Indonesian trip in early year, and he kindly asked us to come to stay in his house in Huntington Beach. The whole thing sounded perfect, and I have to say, it was.
I spent about a month there from mid June to mid July. Unfortunately for me, the waves were really small most of the trip, which is why I ended up surfing and just hanging out a lot around Huntington Beach at the Huntington Pier. Luckily for my girlfriend, when there weren’t hardly any waves, we had time to check out Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. She loved it. However, thankfully for me, the swell finally started showing up at the end of our trip and I was able to head to Trestles where I’ve always wanted to surf. We had about five days of head high waves and I loved it. It was crowded but a nice atmosphere over there. It’s one of my favourite waves for sure!
Even though I didn’t have the biggest waves during this trip, I have to say I had so much fun in the USA. I have to mention at least Trestles, beautiful California sunsets, the chilled atmosphere in Huntington Beach, the best tasting fast food ever, Las Vegas and especially the people that we met. Not only our hosts who where taking such a great care of us but I was also stoked about how friendly and encouraging new people were towards us everywhere. All in all, I’m going back there for sure one day! God bless you America. Hopefully you’ll enjoy my video!”
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