Incredible Waves by Chris Power won British Sports Book Awards Illustrated Book of the Year last night beating Team Sky, Beckham, Murray and Wimbledon!

It is a fantastic accolade for Carve surf photographers including the UK’s Sharpy, Will Bailey Mickey Smith and Lucia Griggi, plus global legends of surf photography like Russ Ord, Tim Mckenna, Chris Burkard and Ray Collins. Chris Power and designers David Alcock and Jamin Lean. #teamcarve

When you read the books it was up against and think of the photographers and budgets behind them you begin to realise what an accomplishment it is. Incredible Waves was up against; David Beckham by David Beckham, Seventy Seven by Andy Murray, Wimbledon by The All England Club, The Pain and the Glory by Team Sky. and 8000 Metres – Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains by Alan Hinke

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The book is now up for the The Times Sports Book of the Year. Please vote here. Voting closes at midnight on 9th June 2014.

The sport of surfing has no man-made stadiums or racetracks. Its proving grounds are a small number of classic reef and point breaks scattered across the world’s oceans with names like Pipeline, Cloudbreak, The Superbank, Teahupoo, Uluwatu, Desert Point, Skeleton Bay and Apocalypse. Incredible Waves is a stunning coffee-table book of photographs that capture the beauty and majesty of these awesome aquatic arenas – waves which are as dangerous as they are enticing, for photographers as well as surfers

The British Sports Book Awards is the major annual promotion for Sports Writing & Publishing. The awards exist to highlight the most outstanding sports books of the previous calendar year, to showcase their merits and to enhance their reputation and profile.