Natxo Gonzalez – Feeling

This winter has left us epic swells with perfect offshore winds. We had the best days I’ve known for surfing.

Mundaka’s wave is not constant and it needs big north-west conditions. It’s known that the Mundaka Pro is not going to be done any more, but this winter Mundaka has been on fire, it has taken all its strength as it had never done before, day after day, hasn’t stop pumping…

There were many sessions, so we surfed with little people and perfect, because most of the surfers where with their arms tired… it was amazing. Six hour sessions per day in weeks! In my case. I also had to stop for a couple of days to regain strength, besides having loaded the shoulders because of the paddle.

In this video I want to share my feelings and what is this wave for me.

-You are waiting every day to make the biggest barrels.

-It gives you feelings that no other wave gives.

-The first swells are usually amazing because there´s a lot of sand.

-You can’t let it go, even if the conditions are not the best, you know that it’s going to be super shallow and you will make big barrels.

-Mundaka is the first on my life, it has given me sensations that nothing in the world gave before.

-It’s a long and very powerful wave, it doesn’t let you breathe … you go in the barrel, you stop, and you get into the next barrel…