“Having a stint in France throughout the winter was a first for us.We have both ventured to the shores of south west France many times, but only once have we been to the north western coast, the Finisterre. As we imagined the region of Brittany is very similar to Cornwall. With its quaint little villages surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches and isolated coves.

There are waves scattered all over the place from fun beaches to slabby reefs and back to long reeling pointbreaks. We were fortunate enough to have local surfer Ian Fontaine show us a few of his favourite spots and share his much needed local knowledge.

Having travelled France numerous times, we and possibly many others have found that despite the waves being world class in the south it can lack the traditional and iconic French culture. Amongst the corporate surf brands and towns set for holiday makers the culture seems forgotten and washed out, whereas Brittany remains unspoilt, it really felt like a refreshing journey among Our Search.

Having had another amazing trip in France, where we have had a very different experience its now time to leave our home from home and head towards the Basque Country and Spain. Here we expect new challenges with an even rougher coastline, lack of local knowledge and embarrassingly, an even greater language barrier.”