Making webisodes is part and parcel of the modern pro surfers life. Stoker has a rich back catalogue of clips from all over the world in his Strange Beautiful Life series. This is the latest ep. Enjoy.

”Four years down the line and 12 episodes in and we’re back where we started: Costa Rica! Generally in sport athletes would have a shelf life and after they hit their 30s you could see a decline in performance. These days it seems that things are changing and theres a select few which seem to get better with age and are rewriting the book, the obvious example here is Kelly, being a true testament that if you live a healthy, active life then improvements and success can be sustained.

Bringing it back to what were doing and I can confidently say that every episode we do I see an improvement in Stokesy’s performance and there’s no sign of him slowing down! Its not just a simple as going out there and just ripping harder though I think it starts by just having a pure addiction to the sport you love and wanting to improve. I see progression not just in the water, a lot comes down to your mental and physical state making sure your putting the right things into your body and having the confidence to attempt new things without worry of injury.

I constantly get random messages of froth where he’s pushed his performance, to most it just reads like gibberish and for a second you would swear your talking to a teenage grom but its that kind of child like excitement that can keep you fresh and enables him to mix it up with the youth of tomorrow! After all surfing’s not a sport that can be mastered, I guess that’s what makes it so damn addictive, so stay healthy, keep the froth alive and get out there and push your abilities! Oh and a little about the trip…. the waves pumped, Stokesy ripped and I got an epic tan!”

Tim Davies, Filmer/Director