Imagine having a phone call that goes like this “I’m scouting for a crew. Jagermeister want to send a group of mates to explore Iceland for two weeks, all expenses paid, it’ll all be shot for an ad which if it gets run, you’ll be paid £xxxx. If it goes global there’s £xxxx more.”

Yeah…Me too! So when Gabe Davies rang the office I was pretty excited.
“Do you know anyone that would be free?”
“Yes me!”
“Anyone else?”
“Are you sure…”
“Ok, maybe a couple of guys…”

OK so that didn’t wash so several crews were put up for the shortlist and asked to send in videos. As a result, five surfers went on the best surf trip of their lives, and I cried into my cider swearing never to drink the evil herbal beverage brewed by monks again in my life…Until I drank another cider and had to have a Jagermeister to cheer myself up..Which ended in a vicious circle of crying, smashing shots, then crying and more smashing shots…Anyway…Don’t you worry about it lads..

In the end it was down to Richie Fitzgerald, Dave Blount, Owain Davies, Oli Adams and Ben Skinner to represent as ‘Pegasus Productions, the same guys who make ‘Game Of Thrones’, filmed all the fun.

The first TV screening is on ITV on the 5th March during the England v Denmark football match.

So here it is…