surf academy summer 2017

If learning to surf and improving your style is the aim of your game this summer – booking a surf lesson at home or camp away will tick that box and more.

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Getting started

If you’re looking to get into surfing you may be wondering the best way to go about it. You’ve probably got a few questions: Do I go out and buy a surfboard? Should I get some lessons? Is it safe to surf by myself? 

Your first step should be to book some lessons and learn the basics. Joining your local surf club is also a good idea as it will allow you to meet like-minded people and will hopefully encourage you to get in the surf lots.

A surf lesson will take your through everything you need to know from how to stay safe in the water, to catching waves and popping up. You’ll also learn how the waves work and what hazards you need to look out for in the surf. If you fancy taking it one step further, you can even book a 1-2-1 surf lessons or learn-to-surf holiday. 

Stuck in a rut

Yep we’ve all been there! Whether you’re struggling to duck dive, get out back, catch green waves or you just can’t seem to get that bottom turn quite right, there is something you can do about it. One solution to getting your surfing out of that frustrating rut is to get some coaching. Book yourself some surf coaching camp. If you find the right surf instructor and commit to improving your surfing you will see huge improvements. 

People often have a misconception that only beginner surfers get surf coaching; however this isn’t the case. Surfing is a sport that constantly needs working on – even the top pros train basics like pop ups. As soon you perfect your pop up, you want to surf green waves, and as soon as you can ride green waves, you want to learn some turns. You never reach a point with your surfing where you can sit back and feel like you’ve done it all. Look at Kelly Slater – he is still pushing his wave riding skills to the next level, which is something we should all acknowledge and do with our own surfing. 

Don’t hold yourself back; surf schools and surf camps can really change your surfing for the better.  

Here’s our 1-2-3 guide to taking your surfing to the next level:

Step 1

Acknowledge your weak points It’s ok to not be good at everything and anyone surfing will have gone through these annoying stages before. Pick out the areas you need and want to work on and make a note of them. 

Step 2

Find a surf camp or a surf school that can cater for your needs. Contact them and tell them what you want to work on, ask about the waves in the area and whether they think they can help.

Step 3

Book it up Investing in your surfing will make you feel so good. We all need hints and tips from time to time and having someone watch you surf, analyse and educate you how to improve will change the way you surf.