Finisterre Winter Wetsuits 2016 -

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Nieuwland 4 (9-14°C)

Nieuwland 5 (4-10°C)

Following a rigorous testing programme where 300+ field testers directly fed back on the original suit design, the Finisterre wetsuits have been carefully considered to ensure our surfers are the warmest in the water. After a successful first season, with many stating these were the warmest suits they had ever owned, the AW16 lines see an improved fit and easier entry system.
Higher internal pile in over 80 percent of the suits and elongated back panel, improving heat retention. Extra 3mm neoprene lumbar patch over lower back, providing key warmth. High proportion of flexible neoprene across shoulders and through upper body to aid easy paddling. Double needle blind-stitched throughout suit: a safer stitch that will better weather the wear and tear of the suit (no need for a seam sealant that often ends up cracking). 50 percent wider seam tape, reducing water penetration; also adhering better to the suit, improving the durability. Finisterre custom neck pattern – reduced flushing as well as helping entry / exit. Tension wrist bands, improving wrist seal. Bespoke calf loops – a design feature to help suit entry.



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