Filipe Jervis: Timing -

The perfect timing doesn’t happen by chance, and to conquer it, one needs to follow a path of dedication sometimes rooted with obsession. The final result translates into authentic artistic moments, and that is why living without aiming for this harmony is a “spiritual suicide”. Filipe Jervis, one of the best Portuguese surfers, pursues on a daily basis his dream of finding this timing, and “Timing – Pursuing Fine Art”, a short filmed produced by White Flag Productions in association with Máquina Voadora Produções, shows some of these rare but beautiful moments…

Filipe Jervis is a 26-year old pro surfer from Cascais. Jervis was also an European Pro Junior Vice Champion, he’s best known by his progressive surfing approach where he masters a strong air game with perfect execution, he’s also among the top Portuguese tube riders of the moment.