Surf Icon Joyce Hoffman Honoured

Surf Icon Joyce Hoffman Honoured

Dana Point added its first female surf industry icon to its Watermen’s Plaza on January 27 when the city celebrated the addition of a life-size bronze statue of Joyce Hoffman. The statue is also believed to be the only life size statue in the nation to honour a female surfer.

As Hoffman shared at the unveiling ceremony, “I honed my surfing skills in front of the family home on Beach Road at the southern end of Dana Point and here at Doheny. I rode for Hobie Surfboards, which is located just up Coast Highway from here. I am definitely a product of Dana Point.” She continued, “While this statue is of me, I like to think of it as an honour to all the women surfers who came before and after me. All the trailblazers who didn’t accept the concept that surfing was a man’s sport, that women were expected to stay on the beach while the guys had all the fun. These were women who wanted to challenge themselves and the assumption that they did not belong in the surf.”

Hoffman’s statue joins those of Bruce Brown, Hobie Alter, John Severson, and Phil Edwards, who are all memorialised at Watermen’s Plaza, honouring prominent watermen and women in Dana Point’s history who influenced the surf industry at a local, national and global level.

From 1963 to 1971, Hoffman dominated women’s surfing competitions across the globe. In addition to her United States Surfing Championships in 1965, 1966 and 1967, she won the Makaha International in 1964 and 1966 and the Laguna Masters in 1965 and 1967.

“Joyce’s career epitomises the surf culture here in Dana Point. She was sponsored by Hobie Surfboards, and it was her friend Hobie Alter who approved a signature surfboard for Joyce, then directed Terry Martin to shape the first prototypes. Gordon Clark of Clark Foam, the biggest foam manufacturer in the world, lived near her parents on Beach Road. She knew Bruce Brown and watched Phil Edwards surf. It wasn’t just the waves that shaped her career but the community of Dana Point that played a role as well,” noted Dana Point Mayor Joe Muller in his opening remarks. “She is more than an icon, she is an everyday inspiration – and one of the best ambassadors for the surf industry and for the city of Dana Point,” he added.

Hoffman’s success also led to recognition outside the sport as a Los Angeles Times Woman of the Year at the age of 18 as well as being featured in magazines such as Life, Sports Illustrated and even Seventeen. She was inducted into the Surfing Walk of Fame in Huntington Beach and British carmaker Triumph even put her in ads in the ‘60s standing next to its convertibles.

“My timing was fortunate in that my career coincided with one of the biggest waves to ever hit surfing, the sixties… Our coast became a confluence of surf theme music with adventures, the Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, surf theme movies, The Beach Blanket Bingo series, Gidget and The Endless Summer … I just happened upon that wave and rode it beyond Surfer and Surfing magazine into the mainstream,” Hoffman shared. “And I am so fortunate at this stage of my life that my wave is still in motion. It’s just getting a little smaller and a little slower as I get closer to shore.”

The statue was modelled after a widely-recognised photo of Hoffman. As she states, “Phil Edwards was one of my idols, and David Nuuhiwa. They were both very aggressive surfers. David is famous for riding the nose so I tried to model my surfing after a combination of those two. Seeing me standing on the nose of the surfboard is applicable to what my surfing was like.”

Watermen’s Plaza is located along Pacific Coast Highway just past the 5 freeway, at the intersection of Del Obispo Street. The statues in the plaza are created by artist Bill Limebrook (above), who grew up on Beach Road in Dana Point. During that time, he became friends with many of the surf industry icons that he is now memorialising in bronze.

Da Cat!

Da Cat!

I’ve a cat, well one lives with me and my daughter, it’s a pain in the ass, with fleeting moments of joy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an animal lover but cats do what cats want to do. The closest it gets to surfing is when it pees on my wetsuit in one of its many territorial pissings. The idea of taking it to the beach, or in the freaking sea, gives me the heebie-jeebies, like trying to give a bath to a wild bear and it taking your head off with one quick swipe.

Make of this edit what you will, I’m fairly sure the cat would go full Wolverine on his human servants if it wasn’t down with this kinda malarky. The dude seems to not only be down with swimming, but also keen on londboarding, Da Cat lives, the world if mad and the internet loves cats.

Good Call

Good Call

What happens when you bring the Billabong team together and head west to tap into the wild, raw energy and cold waters of Western Australia? Hit the play button and find out. Now playing: ‘Good Call,’ a Billabong surf film by Toby Cregan. Shot in WA earlier this year, starring: Creed McTaggart, Jai Glindeman, Joel Parkinson, Ryan Callinan, Italo Ferreira, Ethan Ewing, Isabella Nichols, Mia McCarthy, Griffin Colapinto, Jack Freestone, Liam O’Brien, Seth Moniz, and Sid Englert.

If I Was Goofy, JJF

If I Was Goofy, JJF

There’s a place in this world where goofy footers (myself included) and regular peeps walk hand in hand skipping down to the beach. To push this dream utopia into the public domain, we present JJF flipped, reflected, whatever jiggery pokery it’s taken to make it happen. In his own words “I was kind of curious how it would look.”

Looks helluva good JJF, we salute you.

London Surf / Film Festival Shorties comp is open!

London Surf / Film Festival Shorties comp is open!

London Surf /Film Festival 2019 Shorties Submissions Open!

Submissions are now open for the ninth edition of the London Surf / Film Festival Shorties short film contest.

Hosted 9 – 17 October, London Surf / Film Festival is a celebration of the cream of international surf culture. Bringing to the UK a hand picked line up of the very best surf films from across the globe – from hotly anticipated premieres to cult underground projects – accompanied by talks, icons, Q+As, live music, workshops, art shows, good times and more, LS/FF is a must-attend for anyone of a salty persuasion. 

While the main festival is a showcase for international filmmaking, The Shorties short film contest is open exclusively to established and emerging filmmakers from or based in Britain and Ireland. 

Surfing and surf culture are wide open to interpretation and filmmakers are invited to enter their shorts of up to 5 minutes in length that explore all aspects and angles through documentary, comedy, action, arthouse, animation or anything in between.  Shorties submissions close 9 September, find more details and enter online HERE.

“Short films are a central pillar of modern surf culture, a creative outlet for sharing stories and inspiring stoke,” says London Surf / Film Festival Director Demi Taylor. “We established The Shorties in 2011 to provide a platform for the wealth of homegrown creative talents here on our shores and it has quickly grown to become one of the most prestigious short film competitions for surf filmmakers in the world. As always we’ll be championing those projects that bring a fresh perspective to our culture, whether that’s through exceptional story telling, surfing or cinematography. Filmmaking is not about big cameras, it’s about big ideas ”

Shortlisted entries will be premiered on the big screen at the iconic Regent Street Cinema as part of the London Surf / Film Festival programme and considered by the screening panel, comprised of some of the most influential names in surfing and media, for awards including LS/FF Emerging Talent and Shortie of the Year. 

For more information about the festival please head to:

Chris and Demi the masterminds behind the whole event.

Machado Q&A

White Rhino… A big wave surfing documentary.

White Rhino… A big wave surfing documentary.

A parallel story from the big wave surfers and photographers who witnessed the largest surf ever seen. This story is based on one photographer’s journey to capture the wave of a lifetime. In pursuit, three epic swells hit the South Pacific shorelines, providing conditions only madmen could dream of. Hear the story behind these historical days from the men themselves who dared to challenge the ‘White Rhino’.

You can buy the full film on iTunes HERE.

Surfers: Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Mark Healey, Dave Wassel, Kalani Chapman, Kohl Christensen,
Other Cast Members: Herbie Fletcher, Kai ‘Borg’ Garcia, Brian Bielmann, Brent Bielmann, Peter ‘Joli’ Wilson

4 day swell of may 2013