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Onyx Select 6/5/4 dark blue

Onyx Select 6/5/4
dark blue

The Onyx Select 6/5/4 is the warmest wetsuit in the ION range. Toasty warm Plusma Plush inside lining on the upper body and legs provides the best possible heat retention. Power seams and Maki Tape 2.0 avoid ingress of moisture into the suit.

RRP: £379,95

Onyx Amp 5/4 black capsule

Onyx Amp 5/4
black capsule

The Amp level represents exceptional performance especially in terms of stretch. ION’s super flexible inside lining Hotstuff 2.0 ensures an optimal level of heat retention and flex. Also available in different thicknesses and a zipless version!

RRP: £269,95

Jewel Amp 5/4 black capsule

Jewel Amp 5/4
black capsule

The Jewel Amp combines high-tech features and an outstanding performance with style and an air of femininity. Hot Stuff 2.0 lining and our high-tech Seal Tite feature will keep you toasty warm and perfectly protected from the elements. Also available as a 6/5.

RRP: £269,95


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