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Furnace Absolute Comp CZ

Furnace Absolute Comp CZ

New to the lineup, the Furnace Absolute Series delivers lightweight, premium heat and innovative technology with superior value. Lined with ultra warm Furnace quick dry, the double knit jersey creates air pockets that trap heat and allow for optimal drainage.

All available in: 3/2 ; 4/3 ; 5/4 ; 5/4 hooded ; 6/5 hooded ; 7/6 hooded
RRP: £175 (4/3)

Furnace Carbon Ultra CZ

Furnace Carbon Ultra CZ

Made from upcycled car tires, the eco-conscious smart foam is topped with a no soak external jersey, holding 30% less water, radically reducing both weight and wind chill. On the inside, our warmest carbon fibre lining traps body heat, adding to the suit’s thermal retention without adding weight. The incredibly efficient and ultra warm suit is topped with a Drymax entry system to keep water out and heat in.

RRP: £370 (4/3)


Furnace Revolution CZ

Built for warmth and flexibility, the Revolution Series brings all the essentials. Furnace quick dry lining with large front and back seamless panels of double knit Furnace jersey creates pockets of air trapping body heat, as well as allowing it to drain and dry ultra fast. Superlight foam, made from upcycled car tires, features 280% stretch with excellent thermal retention.

RRP: £210 (4/3)


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