Damian Conway was becoming a bit of regular in Carve a while back and we were more than happy to have the bouncy young Irishman gracing our pages. Then the fun loving scamp got a, little too heavily involved in the partying side of life in Eire. Hey, it happens.

Today after a concerted effort Damo in back surfing and 19 months sober. Anyone who has been hooked on the drink, or has seen someone enjoying themselves a little too much will know that is hell of a feat.

Back In Black is reference to Damien returning to his wetsuit and surfing. Damo was a really good prospect as a grom coming out of Ireland. He was supported by Nike 6.0, Rip Curl, Beach Beat and a couple of other sponsors. All of which had fell by the way side as the party scene seemed to occupy more and more of the 18 year olds spare time. He surfed as much as he could but realistically most of those sessions were either the next day after a party or just before heading off on another binge. He picked up a couple of injuries. The worst was a knee injury which really set him back physically and mentally. After attempting to juggle surfing and partying the now established fondness to drink and a dwindling interest in surfing, meant it was a rare sight to see Damo in the any line up on the west coast!

In the last 12 months Damo has gotten himself back on track. He is healthy, sober and in love with the sport that gave him so much good times! |Back in Black| goes from dark turbulent imagery to brighter scenes of him expressing himself through surfing. This is also shown through the changing face of Damien visualised throughout the edit by profile shots. The darkness to the light is a true representation of the transition Damo has endured this last year, something of which his friends and family have being very proud to see!

Damien is now 19 months sober.

Good man!