The 2016 UKPSA Champions were crowned and awards handed out last night at the Carn Marth in Newquay. As well as the division winner special awards were hand out by SurfGirl to Bude’s Ellie Turner to recognise her achievements in International Competition. Carve gave an award to Luke Dillon for his quest the world qualifying series. Luke also won “Surfers choice” Tour award, voted by his peers on the UKPST and for “Services of surfing’.

UK PST Under 12 Open Champion 2016
Winner: Sam Hearn

UK PST Under 14 Girls Champion 2016
Winner: Ffion Hughes

UK PST Under 14 Boys Champion 2016
Winner: Stanley Norman

UK PST Under 16 Girls Champion 2016
Winner: Ellie Turner

UK PST Adams Surfboards Under 16 Boys Champion 2016
Winner: Patrick Langdon-Dark

UKPST Under 18 Girls Champion 2016
Winner Ellie Turner

UKPST Fistral Beach Under 18 Boys 2016
Winner: Harry de Roth

UKPST Women’s Champion 2016
Winner: Ellie Turner

UK PST Open Champion 2016
Winner: Jobe Harriss

Rookie of the Year 2016
Winner: Cieran Hughes

Most Improved Surfer 2016
Winner: Kit Innes

Liteworx AV LTD Surfers Choice Award 2016
Winner: Luke Dillon

SurfGirl Best UK Female International Competitor
Winner: Ellie Turner

CARVE Surfing Magazine Best UK Male International Competitor
Winner: Luke Dillon

UKPSA Services to the Sport of Surfing 2016
Winner: Luke Dillon

Photo Credit: Jason Feast Photography

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