Pegleg Rik Bennett was born without an ankle and had his lower leg amputated when he was 13 months old. However, he hasn’t let this stop him from doing what he loves most – surfing. In fact he charges harder than most and his short “Call me Pegleg” won LSFF Shortie of the year 2016

He has been asked to represent Great Britain in the International Surfing Association (I.S.A) World Adaptive Surfing Championship in California in December
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Any money left over will go to The Wave Project

Llywelyn Williams from North Wales is going to represent Wales. He’s the first surfer from Wales to compete at the Adaptive Worlds. In September 2011 Llywelyn was skateboarding home from a friend’s house when he was hit by a car. The injuries were devastating and his parents had been told to prepare for the worst. Llywelyn pulled through a head injury, broken femur, both hips dislocated, shattered pelvis, punctured lung, perforated bowel, split liver and a lower back injury. After a long fight he is back doing what he loves.

Llywellens fundraising page is here

Llywellens story is here