When Jack Coleman drops a new movie we always sit up and take notice. This multi-award winning filmmaker always seems to be able to wrangle together a cohort of the most interesting and creative surfers on the planet and extract the most effortlessly stylish and mindblowing waveriding yet captured on celluloid.

In his latest feature THE ZONE, Coleman serves up an alternate surfing dimension that is sure to blow minds. Featuring the fins free wizardry of Derek Hynd and Ryan Burch as well as smooth flowing artistry from the likes of Rob Machado, Alex Knost, Ari Browne, Ozzie Wright and Bryce Young, this wave sliding escapade takes us on a journey through the endless walls of Australia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico and California. THE ZONE is pure, must see, mind expanding inspiration.

We caught up with Jack to find out more about THE ZONE.

London Surf Film Festival hosts the UK Premiere of THE ZONE Friday 23rd September. For tickets and info, hit the link: http://londonsurffilmfestival.com/the-zone/

Can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind the film?

THE ZONE was my way of showcasing, what I think to be, the best – most pure surfers on the planet. All of these guys have huge respect from the surf world and I wanted to show why. Surf movies today can be watered down by outside forces. With THE ZONE, I wanted to bring it back to the old days, when friends got together to surf, not having any ties to the corporate side of making a surf film. Making an honest movie was my goal, not straying too far from the ascetic art of surfing. THE ZONE is meant to extend ones consciousness to the possibilities of what surfing is.


You’ve pulled together an awesome cast. How did you decide who you wanted to work with and how difficult was it to get everyone together?

Yeah, the cast was the whole reason for the movie! To have the opportunity to shoot these guys has been a dream come true. Each surfer has such a different path in life and in their surfing as well, and I wanted the movie to reflect that. It was my goal to keep the cast as minimal as possible. These twelve surfers are pretty much my favorites. I didn’t want to just put someone in there because I think other people would like them. All of these guys are on another level, deeply conscious of life and the ocean.

The film took two years to complete – was this always meant to be such a long project?

Yeah, I wanted to stretch it out as much as I could. I’ve found that the way I make films takes a bit longer to produce, because I do it all on my own dime. Two years seems to be a great time period to make a real movie, and I think it shows in the end product. Wanted more of quality over quantity, so that takes time. I had no real deadline or obligations to anyone, so I knew when it was ready to go, and I released it. It was a great process to work in, allowing me to edit the movie for over a year.


There seems to be a real joy in the whole fins free movement that’s captured so well in this film – how is it to work with Derek Hynd?

Well Derek Hynd is a king. A true living legend. He embodies all that it is to be a surfer. Not looking for praise or attention, actually, shunning the mainstream, and I respect that. His personality is quite unique, to say the least. A true surf historian with an amazing way with the English language. The stories he tells are awe inspiring tales of the past & present day. His life is as mad as he is in the water, surfing as much as we did as grommets. Now into his 60’s he is still progressing as a surfer, and that’s what I want to do, I think all of us want to do. Sometimes difficult, maybe just salty, but he respects what I do and I’m lucky for that, because there are not many people who get the chance to shoot him in the world.

What was your favourite part of the project?

My favorite part of the project was how it all seemed to be manifested. If you don’t believe in the Universe you are missing out on life. This film reflects how things are attainable with the right amount of passion and honesty. To make this movie has been a highlight of my life, a reflection of my dreams, brought together by the common thread of surfing.
Have a great show!! Hope everyone digs the movie!!

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