Back when the Santa Cruz boys (Skindog, Peter Mel, Flea, Repogle, Ratboy) were the focus of attention with mad airs and the pioneering of Mavs one surfer stood out; Barney. His super hero wetsuits, barrel rolls, flips, tweaked out style and ground breaking airs made his clips the ones you waited for. He just flew on his Peason Arrow.

This is a candid film collage celebrating the incomparable Shawn “Barney” Barron. Not only was Barney the innovative surfer who’s acrobatic agility perfectly matched the superhero wetsuits he often wore, he was also an artist, comedian, son, brother, and true friend who lived and breathed laughs and creativity into everything he did. Despite the challenges of his bipolar disorder, he maintained an infectiously positive attitude, irrefutable love for life, and endless generosity that brightened the lives of all who knew him. His spirit reminds us that now is all we have… It reminds us to live now to the fullest.