Surfriend is a Marketplace that allows surf travellers, seeking for waves, to find  local surfers that will take them to the right spots, along with the best waves and especially make them live a real surfing lifestyle. Locals, around the world, can provide them with useful services such as Accommodation for surfers, Surf Lessons, Local Surf Guides, Photo and Video Shoots so that they can share their passion and make surfing their source of income. 

Travellers can finally solve the issues they encountered, while going on a surf trip such as facing the high cost in renting a car, renting an accommodation unsuitable for surfers or having no clue of the appropriate spots for their surf level. 

This website is the key for surf travellers, willing to either catch their first waves or make their best tricks, meet and share a passion amongst like-minded people that joined this community of surfers.

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