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Skindog Peacemaker
Bridges the gap between traditional longboarding and the modern, high-performance style Ben is known for. The Peacemaker feels like a traditional longboard with a 50/50 rail, but the rail blends from a high apex in the nose and transitions seamlessly into a low and hard shortboard style performance rail at the tail. Available in Thunderbolt construction or PU.
RRP: From £1095

Skindog Double Scoop
Our new design that puts a new twist to the modern noserider. Inspired from studying the way water flows over the tail when noseriding, along with the science of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, this board features a double concave in the deck which creates downforce through the tail of the board allowing for lift and stability while noseriding. Ben pulled the wide point back, creating a wider area in front of the fin, and in turn creating a curvier pulled-in rounded square tail. This paired with a flowing rail and rocker design creates a traditional feel, but pairs this with an innovative tail design to make nose riding feel like you are levitating. Available in PU or Thunderbolt.
RRP: From £1095

Skindog OVA
The modern Mid Length surfboard that ticks all the boxes of the demanding modern surfer. It has paddle power in spades to make sure you get your wave count in the line ups. Flow, glide and down the line speed, and maybe most importantly the ability to get it turning from the middle of the board. There is a hull entry upfront that rolls into a single then double concave and vee through the tail. This translates into early wave entry and quick acceleration. Similar to the Peacemaker the rail has a higher apex that transitions into a harder edge midway through the board, hence the ability to get it turning without having to be right over the fins. Again, available in PU or Thunderbolt.
RRP: From £725

Skindog Hydroplane
A new, user-friendly, high performance hybrid. The key aspect of this board is the hydroplane hull running through the bottom of the board, which uses the water it is on for lift rather than buoyancy, as well as speed, drive and manoeuvrability. This in turn, allows bigger boards to not compromise on performance, leaving you with loads of float to paddle into waves, while still maintaining the feeling of being on a high performance board. Available in Thunderbolt construction or PU.
RRP: From £650

Skindog LKS SQSH
Lukas Skinner’s go-to board. What makes this board so magic, the concave and rocker profile, which can be found across all LKS models, blend together to deliver performance of the highest level but with an ability to generate speed and catch waves with ease. The lower rocker profile paired with the single concave running through the board allows for speed that is effortless. Combining these elements with a squash tail creates a board that will allow you to surf faster, transitioning over flat sections without an issue and flowing rail to rail with consistent driving speed. A daily shortboard that everyone loves!
RRP: From £595

Skindog LKS PIN
Introducing the LKS PIN, Lukas’ go-to board for waves measuring 3ft and above. The rocker profile is meticulously crafted for optimal performance — low through the front half facilitates early wave entry and speed, while a more pronounced curve in the tail enables snappy turns and exceptional pocket surfing. This harmonious fusion of rocker and bottom contours gives rise to a high-performance surfboard with heightened sensitivity and a reliable level of control. A do it all one board quiver for anyone who has waves with some punch and push to them.
RRP: From £595


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