2mm Marathon Sessions Hood
WarmFlight® Infrared thermal lining with mineral-enriched fibres that retain body heat while our Diamond Deluxe material maximises stretch and traps air against the skin for added warmth. Hydroshield Sound Effect ear inserts – a breathable and waterproof neoprene for improved hearing while keeping water out.
RRP: £55

5mm Marathon Sessions Mittens
We kept the same ingredient for your best comfort: STRETCHFlight neoprene increased warmth, Liquid Flex Seal external GBS (glued and blind stitched) seams for maximum flexibility and minimal water entry.
RRP: £55

5mm Marathon Sessions Booties
StretchFlight neoprene for increased warmth and comfort without sacrificing flexibility. WarmFlight® thermal fleece lining keeps your feet heat in and water out.
RRP: £55


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