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heavens doors

5’5″ x 22.38″ x 2.69″
Volume: 37.04 Litres
Fins: Futures or FCS2 5-fin
Shaper: Axel Lorentz

The project was to make the highest volume performance surfboard and exited with The Heavens Door. It has moderate rocker with a relatively flat bottom to a spiral vee out the tail. The softened edges give it the ability to be surfed aggressively on the rail without sliding out. It is a manoeuvrable board that performs and allows top to bottom surfing. With 45+ litres in the 5’10”, the factory manager swears to God that The Heavens Door is the key a glorious and fun surf session.

la loca

5’9″ x 20.25″ x 2.35″
Volume: 30.29 Litres
Fins: Futures or FCS2 5-fin
Shaper: Axel Lorentz

This is a high performance shortboard with a wider outline. It was inspired by the Rocket so by nature it has a lot of speed and plenty of drive. A thin tail with lowered rocker makes it very responsive in the water. Also the bottoms full concave continues until the fins then transitions into a V-tail. The shape has a lot of curve in the rail line making it really reactive and able to turn on a dime. Lastly, there is a single channel in the tail that adds control and hold in the wave when doing radical turns plus the bonus of throwing huge spray.

plan b

5’7″ x 19 3/4″ x 2 5/16″
Volume: 28.54 Litres
Fins: twin fin, Glassed on, Futures or FCS2
Shaper: Axel Lorentz

We were are all begging for a twin fin that could perform at Pukas. So when we approached Axel Lorentz for this he came back with a different approach to the ordinary twin fin.
He thought that the board should stand in between the twin fin and the thruster, bringing the best of both worlds with high performance in mind, not nostalgic, nor retro. The twin fin configuration produces a faster, looser and more responsive performance, but Axel wanted to add the possibility of an extra fin in the middle. That extra small keel will add a little more manoeuvrability, drive and control in more demanding conditions.


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