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Psycho Tech Split Toe Boot
Features: Durable outsole, ergonomic design, arch strap, heel pull, O’Ring Seal, Split-Toe for improved balance.
Exterior: TechnoButter 3 with Fluid-Seam-Weld
Interior: TechnoButter Firewall with TB3X taped seams.
RRP: 3/2mm: £64.95 RRP: 5mm: £69.95


Psycho Tech 5mm Lobster Gloves
Features: Light, durable, & hydrophobic TechnoButter 3, Tacky Grip, O’Ring Seal, Anatomical Fit.
Exterior: TechnoButter 3 and Wind-Proof Smoothskin, with Fluid-Seam-Weld
Interior: TechnoButter FireWall.
RRP: £46.95


Psycho Hood
Features: Adjustable Cinch, Visor, Anatomical Fit, Visor can be trimmed to desired length.
Exterior: Smooth Skin.
Interior: TechnoButter Firewall.
RRP: 1.5mm: £27.95
RRP: 3 mm: £29.95


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