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6’1″ x 19 3/8 x 2 3/8″
Volume: 30.63 Litres
Fins: 5 fin
Shaper: Mark Phipps

The Yo was designed by Mark for someone that wants one board that he or she can count on without hesitation. The outline resembles a single fin in the nose due to the fact the original custom Yo was a 1 finbox + 2 trailer setup. The tail however pulls into a rounded pin tail which will give you plenty of hold in the bigger stuff, and provides a lot of curve around the back foot. The extra volume in front of the chest gives you speed down the line and the rounded pintail to draw tighter arcs in the pocket. The Yo is just as comfortable as a thruster as it is a quad making it the ultimate travelling board, quad for the fast days and thruster for the big arcs. Go Yo go!


7’11” x 21″ x 2 7/8″
Volume: 52 Litres
Fins: 2 + 1 , or 1 + Quad
Shaper: Mark Phipps

The One Bad Egg by Phipps is a hipsters delight. Clean lines of a performance egg with low rails and slight concave to vee bottom. Order in large dimensions for tiny to medium waves and in classic dimensions for good to giant waves. This board is amazing in big overhead surf with incredible paddle power and incredible drive. Perfect in waist high waves when looking for comfort and turning power. Undoubtedly the best egg on the market in the world today.


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