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JS Monsta 2020
6’2 x 19” x 2 ⅜
Volume: 29.2 litres
Fins: 5 fin FCS2
Shaper: Jason Stevenson
RRP: £625

It’s been 10 years since the JS flagship shortboard, the original Monsta was first developed. The latest version is the most complete all-rounder they’ve ever made, improved and fine-tuned by elite athletes, global ambassadors, local legends and recently retired World Champ Joel Parkinson. The latest and greatest Monsta revolves around maximum performance, but with added forgiveness and fine-tuning. The Monsta 2020 is designed to thrive in almost any conditions from chest high to double overhead plus.

JS Black Baron
5’9 x 20 1/2” x 2 9/16
Volume: 33.6 litres
Fins: Twin fin FCS2
Shaper: Jason Stevenson
RRP: £699

The first ever Twin Fin from JS Industries, the Black Baron is built to excel in smaller waves. The JS Carbon Fusion EPS technology pairs perfectly with this board as it’s lighter and more bouyant, yet still a great performer. The flex pattern of the EPS Carbon Fusion is specifically engineered for waves that require you to generate your own speed. It provides plenty of pop and speed. Ideal for twin fins.

JS Monsta Box 2020
6’3 x 19 1/8” x 2 7/16
Volume: 30.7 litres
Fins: 3 fin FCS2
Shaper: Jason Stevenson
RRP: £625

The new Monsta Box 2020 has more rocker and a narrower outline than the Blak Box 3, while it’s fuller and flatter than the Monsta 2020. This gives it well-blended curves to hide foam where you need it, without getting in the way of performing at a high level. It’s the go-to performance board for smaller waves and all abilities of surfer. A forgiving option that will help you surf your best regardless of average conditions.

JS Blak Box 3
5’10 x 19 3/4” x 2 7/16
Volume: 30.5 litres
Fins: 5 fin FCS2
Shaper: Jason Stevenson
RRP: £625

The Blak Box 3 carries on the emphasis of the Blak Box series; fun and exciting surfing in good to average or even poor surf conditions. The Blak Box 3 template has the wide point further forward and carries more foam through the front of the board, and also is slightly thicker than its predecessors. The Blak Box 3 is very user-friendly, and will ensure you make the most of the waves, regardless of the conditions.


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