JP Surfboards

JP Drophead
Red Rail swallow tail
5’11’’ x 19.5’’ x 2.7”
31.5 litres

A full template with medium rocker, wide point centre. Hip wing for pivot point at the leading edge of fins, helping rail to rail transitions. Slight single concave throughout.
RRP: £735

JP WildCat Round tail with rail patches
6’0’’ x 20.25 x 2.8’’
35.2 litres

Full template with generous rocker line and deep single concave, for drive and control in critical situations. Wide point behind centre, allowing tighter acute turns in the pocket and rail to rail carves.
RRP: £635

HellCat Round tail clear
5’11’’ x 18.4’’ x 2.4’’
26.7 litres

A refined version of the Wildcat, with the wide point just forward of centre. Great for tube riding. High performance attack board.
RRP: £635


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