Down the Line, Magic Carpet
A magic combination of volume and performance, think all the benefits of a longboard but in a short board package!
Available 7’0″ – 8’0”, single fin or 2 + 1 fin set up

Shapers Asher Pacey Twin
Our Twin Fin sets are inspired by Asher Pacey’s stylish and progressive Twin Fin surfing. In Eco Cork & Bio Resin construction.
Available in Dual Tab, Single Tab and S2 Tab,

House of Squid, Surfboard Sock
This one of a kind 6’3″ surfboard sock is perfect for your daily trip to your favourite break.
Handmade in Puerto Rico.

C-SKINS, Wired 5×4 Steamer
The C-Skins team favourite continues to evolve making this one of the warmest Wired suits ever. The ultimate suit for the core surfer.

The dryrobe Advance Long Sleeve offers warm fast changing in any climate before and after a surf.

Gul, Changing Poncho
Change in comfort with this hooded cotton velour changing robe. Protect your modesty, dry yourself off and keep warm.

Red Original Pro Change Jacket
Premium change robe made from technical performance fabrics: super warm, waterproof, breathable yet lightweight, comfortable and packable, with unique change friendly features.

Surf Ears 2.0
Large numbers of surfers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts suffer from ear problems associated with excessive exposure to the elements. Ear infections and the dreaded “surfers ear” is a condition on the rise with increasing numbers seeking medical attention and ear surgery.


A compact, ergonomically designed and waterproof security solution that enables you to easily and comfortably take your car key with you in the water. With its marine grade steel anchor point, patent pending seal mechanism and polycarbonate shell, it’s easy to attach to a variety of sporting equipment, making it a must have accessory for a wide range of water and outdoor sports.

Koalition fins
Lightweight foam filled fibreglass fins. Stiff base with a gradual tip flex for maximum drive and release. Various sizes, side bite fins also available in matching colours. Available in FCS and Futures.
From £58,

The Dry Bag Elite
At last a solution to wetsuit drying. Hang your wet wetsuit in the Dry Bag Elite anywhere you like – your car, van, wardrobe, back of the door, porch, lounge. It doesn’t matter!