Carve Gift Subscription
The gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy year-round stoke. Eight issues a year delivered to your door.
from £39.50,

Saltrock, Ezra jacket
Explore the open spaces in Saltrock style. This classic colour-blocked design perfectly fits the coast, town and country.

Aluna Coconut Rum
Want a wonderfully warming post-surf treat? Add this awesome toasted coconut rum to your hot chocolate – totally delicious!

Arbor’s Bamboo Fish
Arbor’s Bamboo Fish board features a compact pintail with an extended wheelbase and mellow flex for around town cruising and lower speed carving.
£189.99, Available at

SurfGirl Gift Subscription
Get four issues of interviews, inspiration, surf tips, news and travel stories. Plus lots of great deals.
From £24.99,

Barts ‘Styr’ Beanie
Combat the cold in this nordic pattern beanie.Complete with fleece lining to prevent an itchy forehead and topped with a fluffy pompom.

Quiksilver, Yallingup Cord Jacket
Classic cord jacket with 50-year anniversary label inside.

Indo Board, Original Sea Turtle
2% of all Sea Turtle net sales benefit turtle conservation work by MCS. Get “INDO IT” and protect our marine life. 

Northcore bamboo thermos flask
The premium 360ml bambamboo stainless steel thermos flask holds drinks hot or cold for up to 8 hours. Includes a drinking cup.