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Dimensions: 5’10 x 22” x 2 5/8
Available sizes: 5’6, 5’8, 5’10, 6’, 6’2 and 6’4
Volume: 34ltr
Shaper: Lee Hallam

This board is our most versatile board. Great for traveling with or sitting in the van as you won’t need to check the conditions before going in. The full plan shape is packed with floatation, stability and It will surf like a traditional pin tail shortboard but, with earlier wave entry. The unique feature of this design is the nose to tail “channel”, this creates amazing lift and speed which makes it possible to get through stodgy sections. The adaptable fin set up of quad and fin box allow you to ride in small surf and larger powerful waves. It even goes great in Bali waves.


Dimensions: 5’6 x 21 x 2 5/8
Available sizes: 5’2, 5’6, 5’10, 6’, 6’2 and 6’4
Volume: 38ltr
Shaper: Lee Hallam

The Fishster was originally designed for 3 x British Champ Holly Donelly as a 5’2 summer board. It pays homage to the original Steve Lis fish design featuring a deep 7” curved V in the tail and a slight beak in the nose. The volume is pushed up the board under the chest making it paddle effortlessly, plane through those summer flat sections and allows increased stability under the front foot. The modern lower rail bites into those steeper sections and the wide tail gives great release that together with the twin keel fins makes it turn on the spot. This board is just great stylish fun.


Dimensions: 6’4 x 22 x 2 7/8
Available sizes: 5’4, 5’6, 5’8, 5’10, 6’, 6’2, 6’4, 6’6
Volume: 50ltr
Shaper: Lee Hallam

This board packs so much volume into a small surface area that you just can’t help but catch waves. It features a groveller style template, wide in the tail, but with a shortboard rail curve and a lower entry rocker. We hide all that volume by adding a step deck which allows the rail to stay low but packs foam into the deck. The single to double concave pushes water on to the fins which sit right on the rail to give you good hold in the steeper sections. I like to think of it as an evolution of the fish. Five fin set up FCS 2.


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