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The Classic (PU)

Dimensions: 9’1 x 22 1/2” x 3″
Volume: 70.4ltr
Fins: 2 + 1 fcs1
Shaper: Tim Mellors

The Custard Point Classic is our best selling all round longboard and is a great longboard for all wave types and conditions. It was first shaped by Tim Mellors in the late eighties and has stood the test of time. The board borrows its curves from the traditional Malibu pintails of the ’60s and combines them with more modern performance enhancing features. The parabolic nose channel (also found in the Ultimate Nose Rider) allows it to nose ride extremely well, but the boards new sleeker profile and high performance rails makes this board very lively and effortless to turn. Available sizes 8’6, 9’1, 9’6

The Magic Stick (PU)

Dimensions: 7’0 x 22 1/4” x 3 1 /8″
Volume: 58ltr Fins: 2 + 1 fcs1
Shaper: Lee Hallam

This project started when I realised that a lot of mid-length boards were being sold as small longboards. I saw this creating a great deal of confusion. This got me thinking, is it possible to make a 7’0 board nose ride and not just start sinking as soon as you get up there? The chance came last summer when a friend asked me for a custom board for those small waves. I got to work and the resulting board was a 6’8. On my first wave I hung ten and the name just popped into my head “The Magic Stick” Since then over the last 12 months every single person who has demo’d it has bought one. We can’t say that about any other board ever!!


Dimensions: 9’1 x 22 1/2” x 2 3/4
Volume: 61.5ltr
Fins: 2 + 1 fcs1
Shaper: Lee Hallam

This board is so much fun. The graphic features a shortboard embedded into the first six feet of the board and this really tells you how it surfs. The Pro comes into its own in waves chest high and above. It will still catch smaller surf but, in those larger faces you can really get so much speed and drive out of your turns. The nose features a light compressed channel making it possible for short nose rides and rolls out into a double concave for speed. The rails are low biting those steeper waves and the tail is a thin squash tail giving you quick release making some shortboard manoeuvres possible.


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