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Cord Ark
A design finely tuned and extensively tested over the last few years by shaper Markie Lascelles and Aussie hell man Noah Lane.
Goes great in anything from 3-6ft waves and a step-up version is available to increase that wave range up to 12ft (The Step Ark). A twin fin setup on a 4-channel pin tail maximises speed and turning ability to give this board a great feel surfing off the tail and through your turns. Extra volume under the chest helps you get you into all the waves you need.
The Ark has been our best seller since it’s conception and we have been stoked on the amount of positive feedback on it.
RPP: £635 with spray.

Cord Projector
Our performance all-rounder mid-length. Named the Projector after we sent it round for testing and one our good friends commented that it felt like it “projected” around sections. A lot of volume means it can go in smaller or bigger waves depending on where the rider wants to take it and the pulled in nose makes it easy to duck dive. It has a drawn out rail line and relatively flat bottom contour to give you a fast and drivey mid-length that you can just cruise on or really put on the rail.
RPP: £745 with Volan patch.

Cord Humbucker
A beaked nose keeps a heap of volume in the board right up under your chest. A low nose and tail rocker combined with a wider, straighter outline means a lot of surface area in the water. Great for speed and planing across flatter sections. A fairly wide swallow tail, giving good surface area on the water but giving great turning response. Between the twin fin boxes is a short split channel to help give the board more lift under the back foot helping with speed from the off and through your turns. At first glance the Humbucker looks like a small wave board only but it can also be super fun in fast, steep waves and has become Markie’s go to board in 6ft plus barrels.
RPP: £685 with tint.


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