Camino Surfcamp Sidi Ifni, Morocco

When the first decent low pressure systems arrive over the northern Atlantic and send cold and grey weather over Europe – then it’s time to follow the waves and the sun southwards. To Morocco, the “Kingdom of the West”. A country filled with impressive contrasts. Besides the cultural diversity, the diversified landscape, the unmatched hospitality of the locals and their delicious cuisine, we have chosen this place mainly because of two things: waves and weather. An average of 330 days of sun per year with mild temperatures and very consistent waves between November and March, are valid arguments for exchanging winter’s frost for a summer-like wave experience.


• Located just 50m from the beach

• Shared apartment, apartment, hotel rooms or dorm-rooms

• Ocean-view roof-top terrace with chill-out-area

• Table-tennis, indo-board, long-skateboards

• Free Wifi

• Surf-theatre and surf-library with books and magazines

• Parlour games and Playstation 4

Surf Classes

• For different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced

• Surfboard, wetsuit and surfwax provided

• Beach-transfers to the best spot of the day

• 3hrs water-time per day

• 1hrs Surf theory

• Videoanalysis

• Use the surf-equipment outside the classes without extra costs

• No crowds! Easy surfing without hassle.