Wired 5/4 Mens LQS CZ Hooded Steamer
The Wired benefits from our latest innovations, enlightened with era defining Halo X neoprene over the whole suit and heat-reflecting Halo RD8 panels inside the suit trap body warmth. Dark Matter Liquid Skin protects your torso from the wind with no need for seams. Water is locked out by the Iris II collar system, Twin Cinch closure and Lockdown wrist cuffs. Experience the true limit of wetsuit performance and make your winters last longer with the warmest wetsuit we have ever built.
RRP: 6/5mm Hooded Steamer £465, 5/4mm Hooded Steamer £420, 5/4mm Steamer £380, 4/3mm Steamer £360

ReWired 5/4 Mens CZ Steamer
The ReWired continues to benefit from radical innovations for 2022. With new under-the-hood enhancements in stretch through the body and legs, the ReWired feels better than ever in the water. Halo X’s thermal lining and the new addition of Dark Matter Liquid Skin on the body panel keep the heat in without the need for seams, and our industry-beating Iris II closure system gives maximum protection from water entry. All seams are fully taped for durability, and the FutureFit 2 panel design gives forget-it’s-on comfort for long winter sessions.
RRP: 6/5mm Hooded Steamer £360, 5/4mm Hooded Steamer £350, 5/4mm Steamer £300, 4/3mm Steamer £285

Session 5/4 Mens CZ Steamer
The Session is the ultimate solution for warmth, fit and flexibility on a budget. Tried and tested Diamond Flex neoprene placed in the upper body combined with the new Freedom chest zip gives insane freedom and performance while also allowing the user to get in and out the suit with ease.
RRP: 5/4/3mm £220, 4/3mm £210    


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