For this video I went back to one of Wyoming’s best surfable rapids in the Snake River. First time back after almost a decade to rediscover the magic of this charming little surf scene in the heart of the US. And reconnecting with the inspiring scene that has sent me on the path I’m on today 🙂

Huge thanks to Max Mogren for the hospitality and letting me crash in the shed. To Cam and Guch for always coming down and bringing the good vibes and hi levels of shred. To KB for being my river GURU. And all the locals at the wave, love this crew! – Dylan Graves

Filmed by:
Joaquin Tervelline
Dylan Graves
Graham Nash
Josh Nardo
Steve Zeitzoff
Jared Abe
(thanks to Vans for the archival)

Music by Dylan Graves
shred sesh music by Nolan Hall