Gerry Lopez, San Clemente, California, April 2024

There’s no mystery of time. We are constantly ageing amid the forces of nature, both internal and external. The pressures and stresses of surfing—forces, high impacts, torsion, compression, exposure, fear, anxiety—all conspire to put the body, physically and mentally, through its paces.

But there are those who are showing they are able to surf continuously at a high level as they age, despite their age. We are talking about surfers in their 70s and 80s, like Gerry Lopez, aka “Mr. Pipeline”, the icon whose influence on the sport of surfing is so immense they made a movie about it. Gerry credits his yoga practice with enabling him to surf at a level that would have been impossible without it.

Yoga has long been widely known to promote flexibility, build strength, improve balance and ultimately, increase longevity. What yoga has not necessarily been known for is extending the ability to participate, or even compete, in action sports that are inherently tough on the body, like surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. But many legends in these sports are well-aware of this. And now, younger athletes are discovering that among the multiple benefits of yoga is the ability to keep doing what they love at a higher level and for longer.

Daniel Lavilla, @DanielWavesYoga, yoga teacher and surfer, Cádiz Spain Photo:  @ivan_gon

“We all know the post-surf stretch feels amazing, but yoga offers way more than that…You’ll be more aware of your movements, which will improve your surfing technique, and your confidence. Yoga builds that so important mind-body connection that ripples through our entire lives, in and out of the water. It creates a more balanced, focused, and a calmed you –  both on the waves and to navigate life’s currents. Yoga and surfing just share a natural connection, a rhythm, a way of being present in the moment.” – Read more about Daniel and his surf and yoga story here.

Surf until you’re 80? Absolutely! And beyond.

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@DanielWavesYoga Photo: @watermartinez_