Summer is here. Three surfs a day, road trips and holidays. Get in!

Here’s a few essentials from our shop thats will are life even better.

Protect your wetty.
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The Bulldog Changing Mat is a lightweight mat that converts to a bag, allowing you to avoid sand, gravel and dirt on your wetsuit and conveniently change on a flat mat. Pullable strings on each side of the mat make it easy for you to wrap things up after a surf no matter what spot you’re surfing.
Wetties aren’t cheap, and he best way to save money and stay eco is to make our suit last. Use a mat!

Ultimate travel hanger

Forget the car mirror, C-Monsta Hangers are the best thing you’ll ever buy for your wetsuit. The unique design has been perfected to dry your gear faster. This updated design has a wider mouth, more accessory hooks, stiffer top hook and a rounder wetsuit rail.
Perfect for van life, road trips or home.
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Use this to hang your wetties on the road…

The Bulldog Hang Time Magnetic Kit Hanger is a heavy-duty hanger designed to hold your gear securely. It features a strong magnetic base that can hold up to 20kg of weight. Hang your wetty on your boot, back of your van, anywhere…

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Best dry bags and organisers out there
The RipCurl organiser is genius…

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Quiksilver Rivi Slider Sandals

Boots off, sliders on. Water-friendly soft TPR upper, comfortable microfibre liner and a slip-resistant branded outsole perfect for beach life.

Bulldog Secure Key Lock Box

Our easy to use lock box offers the best way to store your key while surfing. Delivering guaranteed security, so when you’re out in the lineup, all you have to think about is your next wave. – Holds all known car keys and immobilisers

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Billabong All Day Boardshort in Navy

A summer classic, the All Day Men’s Boardshorts are crafted from quick-drying recycled material. These classic boardies are designed in a relaxed fit, with a comfy elasticated waist.

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