A new project to produce and artificial reef has been announced for Middleton Beach in Albany, WA.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development announced

“A new surf reef is on the wave! Expressions of interest are underway to build an artificial surf reef at Middleton Beach in Albany!

“We’re proud to support this incredible project to help boost tourism and economic benefits for the community

“The reef will be built from local quarried rock, improving seabed conditions and wave breaking to create a more consistent, surfable wave

“The City of Albany in collaboration with local authorities undertake a world-class coastal monitoring program. This data includes wave, currents, water levels, beach profiles, drone surveys, bathymetric surveys, geotechnical data, sediment grain sizes, sea-grass distribution and aerial photography.

“The concept of an artificial surf reef in Albany has been around for at
least 20 years and has been heavily driven by the community.

Currently, the closest suitable surfing locations from Albany are
around 30 minutes’ drive, and are generally unsuitable for beginner
and junior surfers. With a lack of public transport available to reach
appropriate locations (e.g Mutton Bird or Nanarup), opportunities to
surf are limited, particularly for young people. The current locations
are isolated and unpatrolled. Enabling these activities to be
undertaken at Middleton Beach will improve safety through increased
monitoring, and proximity to the Albany Surf Life Saving Club and
medical and emergency facilities.

“The City of Albany is hoping to attract and retain a younger
generation, who currently tend to move to metropolitan areas where
a wider variety of recreational facilities exist. It is hoped that the
artificial surf reef will be a significant attraction that will help retain
this demographic, as well as expanding the recreational amenity for
residents and visitors.

“The project complements other initiatives in the region to further
develop adventure tourism assets and experiences and diversify and
grow our regional economy.

To create a consistent, surfable wave central to Albany, driving
benefits for the community, tourism, economic development, and
the retention of the region’s younger age demographic”


Provide a consistent surfable wave central to Albany and accessible
by public transport;

Attract and retain a younger generation;

Deliver benefits relating to economic development, social, health,
ecological, environmental and safety outcomes;

Provide a significant tourism drawcard in Albany’s Winter season;

Deliver a recreational project that contributes to Albany’s liveability
and reputation as one of WA’s key tourism destinations, helping to
create a more liveable regional city; and

Create an opportunity for Albany to be recognised as a surfing
town; a clustering of multiple recognised surfing spots in the
region (the only other such towns being Margaret River) and attract
high quality events.


Deliver improved recreational and surfing amenity through the
creation of a consistent surfable wave, targeted at beginner to
intermediate abilities;

Create a quality wave appropriate for holding events, creating an
opportunity for Albany to be recognised as a surfing town;

Enhance marine ecology in and around the reef structure;
especially for snorkeling and diving based activities during periods
when the wind and wave conditions are less than ideal for surfing;

Work in partnership with key stakeholders throughout the
project, taking a collaborative approach to design, planning,
implementation and management decisions; and

Maintain Middleton Beach’s unique landscape character, whilst
enhancing lifestyle, tourism and recreational opportunities to
benefit the community.”

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