Where > Kingston Beach 12.00. Duration: 1 hr

What > Surfers in costumes / wetsuits with banners / placards

Environmental campaigners Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) are organising a protest to call for an immediate end to sewage dumping at a popular Southwick swimming spot after Southern Water has been dumping untreated wastewater for nearly 200 hours since Christmas.

SAS are asking protestors to gather for the demo at 1200 on Saturday 13th January at the outfall just east of the Kingston Beach car park.

“The Combined Sewer Outfall at The Green, Southwick discharges into the Adur estuary near to the popular Kingston Beach which is used by swimmers all year round, especially in the rougher winter months.

“We estimate that enough untreated sewage to fill over 3 Olympic swimming pools has been discharged since Christmas and it is putting people’s health at risk. Yet there have been no warnings posted by Adur Council, Southern Water or the Environment Agency.

” We are calling for:
1. Southern Water to immediately end the sewage dumping
2. Adur District Council and the Environment Agency to post warnings to ‘bathe at own risk’
3. The Environment Agency to reveal if it has been informed that the wastewater infrastructure is faulty (a requirement of the Environmental Permit) and what enforcement action it is taking.
4. Adur District Council to immediately start the application process to make Kingston Beach an official designated bathing beach.
We advise all swimmers, surfers and canoeists to bathe with caution in the Adur estuary, download our Safer Seas and River Service app and use it to report sickness, email their MP and Southern Water’s CEO to protest.
If you are coming please car share or arrive by public transport – the car park is small.”