This Indo trip kicked off in Krui, South Sumatra. Two weeks of scoring sick waves and soaking up the culture set the vibe for the trip.

The dream continued in the Mentawai Islands, after a 30 hour bus ride and 10 hours on boats. HTs became the stage for the wave of our dreams. Learning Indonesian, grabbing cheap beachfront accomodation, and meeting heaps of new people added layers to the adventure. Wrapping it up with pumping waves at our favorite spot, Lakey Peak, was the perfect finale to an unforgettable surf trip!

We went on this journey with strong determination and a tight budget. We gathered footage from our phones and a small digital camera, being resourceful all the way.

This short film may not be perfectly edited, but it’s a result of hard work and dedication. Its goal is to inspire and kindle the desire for surfing and exploration. It offers a glimpse of Indonesia’s wild beauty from the perspective of an adventurous surfer.
Special thanks to everyone who made it possible!