Laura’s wave start to finish.

Fair play to anyone charging big Jaws, or outer reefs, but the quest for ‘big wave records’ and some sort of validity in measuring them has also sparked discussion on whether the waves were actually made. Case one is the mens world record in which Aaron Gold paddles huge Jaws but gets caught by the white water. Case two yesterdays world record by Laura Enever.

Both rides have brought a lot of supporting comments, but the main question is not whether they travelled down the face, but if they rode it out. For example if that was you, would you claim it as ridden? Or would you get out thinking ‘if only’… If it were a snowboard or skate trick would the judges count as ridden out?

Fair points?

Gold makes a huge and very long drop at Jaws before being engulfed.

A WSL spokesperson said “Laura’s wave was reviewed and she was deemed to have been in control of her board for all of the critical parts of the wave. Aaron Gold’s world record paddle wave is similar.”

Lauras huge paddle wave.

If a record is to stand the test of time it has or be recognised by the community and thus deserves discussion, so… What do you think?