Stepping through the portal on a quest to surf the best cold water waves on Earth

Shot over the last four years, Awaken is the story of a group of brave souls who are deeply connected to nature and specifically the frozen waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Their commitment to such a pure pursuit is a reminder that everything we need to thrive is already provided by Mother Earth.

Featuring: Oli Adams, Taz Knight, Noah Lane, Gearoid Mcdaid and Conor Maguire

A film by Reverse Paradise

Directed by Oli Adams

Directors of Cinematography: Megan Jones and Jacob Bartrop

Principal Cinematography: Megan Jones, Jacob Bartrop, Seth Hughes and Oli Adams

Additional Cinematography: Mikey Corker, Mathew Ham, Tim Boydell, Olly Fawcett, Ollie Treacher and Josh Hughes

Still Photography: Megan Jones and Luke Gartside

Sound Mix: Boyde

Supported by: Dryrobe

instagram: @reverse__paradise