As many of you will know there has been a huge return of he magnificent tuna to the UK and Irish waves over the last few years. Local fishermen have been really restrained in protecting them and indeed helped in the scientific and conservation efforts, but now the tina face decimation on the edge of protected waters.

“There is now a fleet of 35 long liners, with a total of 2,100 miles of lines and hundreds of thousands of baited hooks, waiting for the blue fin tuna we’ve seen – and studied – off our coast for the last four or five years. Marine conservation is a global game, and only works if all play by certain rules, and understand that every reproduce is finite.”

“This represents an industrial scale, opportunistic plundering of a glorious and precious species that is on the brink of a comeback from near oblivion. Oceanic animals know no barriers, something we as global citizens must surely try to understand if there’s to be any hope…”

This isn’t ‘fishing’ any more and in the long term it’s commercial suicide.