Australia’s Gold Coast recently came alive with a never ending run of back-to-back swells. In late April, as the WSL’s Championship Tour was doing business on Australia’s southern and west coasts, the more northern Gold Coast came alive, and Simon “Shagga” Saffigna (legendary longtime friend and filmer to Mick Fanning), Joel Parkinson and Dean “Dingo” Morrison, was there to capture all of the action.

When the dusted had settled we needed to investigate, so we rang Mick to get the down low. After a marathon stint of waves you’d forgive a surfer for sounding a little low on energy but when Mick answered our call he was full of life and happy to have a chat. So happy, in fact, that we turned the conversation into the soundtrack for the edit above. We think you’ll agree it explains the crazy visuals perfectly.

From the incredible waves to the wild wipeouts and the celebrated surfers in the water to the sheer volume of humans in general, Mick was candid and engaging.